Boiler Technology

Advanced Technology : Making your life warmer.

“The Bulk of the heat generated is made from the super heated gasses burning inside the lower chamber. The air / gas mixture is forcibly induced downward creating a torch effect.”

New Horizon Corp brings the economic and convenient method of wood heating into the 21st century. Utilizing wood gasification, our systems achieve 40,000 to 250,000 BTU s of heat output with minimal wood consumption.

One chamber of wood fuel lasts up to 12 full hours, depending on outside temperature, and produces only ounces of easily cleanable ash.
Smoke and other emissions are cut to a very low level, making our boilers very nature friendly

Inside, wood becomes super heated to release the combustible gases trapped inside. This process, known as gasification, is the core technology behind its highly efficient operation.

The released gases combine with secondary air injected into the lower chamber and then burn at a much higher temperature.
This has the effect of turning the wood into charcoal.

Elevated temperatures release more gasses then slowly burn the wood to a fine ash, producing very little waste. The process has an amazing 87% efficiency. When the boiler reaches operating temperature, no smoke is visible emanating from the stack.

Whats In it?

  1. Boiler Body
  2. Filling Door
  3. Ash Door
  4. Ventilator
  5. Fire-Resistant Material
  6. Boiler Top
  7. Safety Thermostat
  8. Regulation Flap
  9. Fire-Resistant Chamber Wall
  10. Fire-Resistant Ash Pit
  11. Sealing Nozzles
  12. Fire-Resistant Material
  13. Fire-Up Flap
  14. Fire-Resistant Material
  15. Cleaning Lid
  16. Power Regulator
  17. Fire-Up Flap Draw Bar
  18. Thermometer
  19. Fire Chamber Shutter
  20. Control Panel

Air Flow

  1. Chimney flue
  2. Heat exchanger cleaning cover
  3. Chimney flap
  4. Hot water exit
  5. Thermometer sensor
  6. Safe guard thermometer sensor
  7. Boiler controller
  8. Upper door
  9. Closing/opening door handle
  10. Loading chamber (wood gasification)
  11. Fan flap
  12. Fan
  13. Fan casing
  14. Nozzle (refractory)
  15. Secondary air adjustment
  16. Combustion chamber
  17. Lower door
  18. Smoke tube heat exchanger
  19. Primary airflow
  20. Flue gas exit
  21. Heating water entry
  22. Drain valve
  23. Secondary airflow
  24. Water grate
  25. Thermal insulation
  26. Ash pit