1. Ballpark figure on how much wood I would use for one season (my house is 1800 sq ft)

    Depending on construction type and location you should use not more than 7-8 cords good quality seasoned wood.

  2. Is it possible to pick up boilers at your warehouse vs. paying shipping?

    Yes, you may pickup directly from our warehouse in Sutton, WV.  Click the Google Maps link to the left to view our location.  If you order directly from newhorizonstore.com shipping is free with exception for lift-gate service and residential delivery.

  3. Do you sell/can you get liquid to air heat exchangers for use in existing forced air heating systems?

    Yes, we do sell them.  Go to newhorizonstore.com to purchase one.

  4. Can I install your wood boiler flue with my boiler and use the same chimney ?

    Depend on local code or you will use relay between boilers to not allow them to run at the same time.  We also sell BioMass Combo boilers which are combined with gas/oil back-up and can use one chimney.

  5. Can these boilers draw combustion air from the outside?
    Do the boilers meet any U.S. safety standards, such as UL listing?

    -It is advisable to have outside air supply for the combustion and do not deplete air from the house, but it is not absolutely necessary in a standard house.
    -Eko, Biomass and Attack Boilers have UL/CSA Certification.

  6. Can you recommend any good sources of water storage tanks ?

    Yes , I can. We sell them– a 500 gallon, well-insulated with multiple outputs or scavenge for  LP gas tanks in junk yard that cost about $300.

  7. Do you intend to import any boilers with oil backup like tarm has in the near future.

    Yes, We do have them: BioMass Combo Oil/Gas Boilers models 40 and 60.

  8. I enjoyed the brief video of the eko combustion chamber while gasifying the wood. How about a video of the stack/chimney outlet while both in gasification mode and while the boiler gasification chamber is bypassed so we can see the difference gasification makes

    When you open bypass valve smoke will be visible but during regular operation :NO VISIBLE SMOKE!!!

  9. In your information on the EKO series, you mention a safety thermostat that shuts the fan down on reaching 180° water temperature. Is it possible to get a 200° thermostat installed instead? With a properly installed and insulated storage tank, the energy stored would then increase by almost 10%. We are thinking of constructing a 500-1000 gallon storage tank to be installed in the floor of the basement, super-insulated as a heat storage system. Heating and then maintaining temperature in this tank would allow us to fire the boiler only once per day, which is better for people who leave home to work.

    Yes, it is possible. I’m using storage tank myself and run boiler at higher temperature. Bigger storage tank- better.  New boiler controller RK-2001UA is able to operate up to 195F.

  10. Is it possible (and advisable) to hook up one of your wood boilers in series with an existing oil fired boiler on a HWBB system? (Each would have their own proper flue. The oil boiler would only operate when the wood boiler was low or out. The oil burner would control all HWBB functions. An overheat valve could be provided to dump excess wood boiler heat into a dedicated radiant heating loop in the slab.) Problems with this setup?

    It is not only advisable but it is the way to do it ! ( If you don’t use big heat storage tank).  Just make sure there is a relay between the oil and wood boiler so the oil will be down when the wood boiler is in use.

  11. There are a few questions I have:
    -what has been your experience with the Polish company- reliability, build quality, etc.?
    -I assume you have not sold them in the US for long, so what other experience can you rely on?
    -I have looked at the Tarm Solo Plus for years, but can’t justify the price since I have had a old Tarm for 25 years and heat with 100% wood. However, I would like to increase efficiency and reduce wood cutting. What is your delivered cost (Maine) for BioMass NexGen Boilers including domestic hot water heater?
    – Tarm recommends a heat storage tank. What are your recommendations?
    -What is the expected life of the ceramic nozzle and replacement cost?

    Storage tank increase boiler efficiency and help to capture all heat lost while boiler is idling. It will run with out storage tank as well but it needs more wood and will be excessively idling during the spring and autumn building some creosote in the burn chamber.                                                                                    Regarding product quality of Polish manufacturers, we have worked with them for 10 years and very rarely do we have problems with them.  Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia are center of manufacturing of boilers in Europe.  They have a very old tradition and high craftsmanship and take pride in their work.
    If you do not break it, the nozzle will last about 10 years. Replacement cost $89 today and for EKO $65.  Shipping is free if you order from newhorizonstore.com except for extra services like lift-gate or residential delivery.
    There is not limitation on wood diameter size only on moisture content.Door opening size limits wood size.

  12. We live in northern WI and I stopped burning wood about 10 years ago, we have a 2000 sf home and at the time burned about 10 to 11 cords per year using a standard forced air stove. How much more efficient would your furnace be? Due to remodeling issues we removed the chimney and don’t like the wood mess in the house, so could this unit be placed in a out building and lines piped to the home about 75′ away? Which unit if any would you recommend for us? thanks Keith

    I personally use the outside set up and its great. For your size of home I would recommend EKO 40 (137K Btu’s) or BioMass 40. The boilers are rated in 90% for efficiency and the only requirement for successful operation is well seasoned dry wood with no more than 25% of moisture. You can expect to use about 6 to 8 cords of wood depending on wood quality and climate.  Very critical part is underground piping installation.  It has to be done in a way that moisture does not have access to the insulation.  Black corrugated pipe is not suitable for direct in ground installation.

  13. What is the general cost for these wood boilers???

    Boiler for average house, Eko 40 or BioMass 40 cost $5370 and $5690.  Please check newhorizonstore.com for current prices and online specials.

  14. What is the price and BTU rating of the Eko Line 60 and 80 boilers? What would shipping cost to Fairbanks, Alaska? Would one of these be adequate for a 4400 sq. ft. home that has 8″, with walls well insulated, that could experience -60 degrees F? Would the Eko Line be better than your other models?

    Btu for Eko 60 is 210K and for Eko 80 is 275-300 K . I think you can easy use boiler Eko 60 or even smaller boiler, Eko 40 up to 160 K Btu, if you have hard wood well seasoned.
    Other gasification boilers work as well: smokless , with high efficiency.  For prices please go to newhorizonstore.com

  15. What is the warranty on the Eko and BioMass boilers and whats the difference between them?

    Warranty for Eko Line and BioMass boilers is 5 years unlimited plus 20 pro-rated.  They are built by different manufacturers.  Eko has air induced by blower on the front and BioMass has negative pressure in wood chamber by blower installed on the back of the boiler.  It helps to remove smoke during reloading.

  16. What is the difference between Eko line & Attack boilers and who makes them?

    Eko Line boilers are made in Poland , Attack boilers are made in Slovak Republic the same gasification process, different technical details and price.  Attack boilers have blowers in the back of the boiler forcefully ejecting flue gas into chimney.

  17. You said in 2005 you were looking at importing combination furnaces as well with oil back up. Do you still plan to do so, and what is your schedule?

    We are currently selling both the BioMass 40 and 60 Combo units with oil or gas back-up.

  18. What kind of fuels can I use in the wood gasification boilers?

    The best fuel is hard, well-seasoned (at least one year) cord wood.  Other fuels could be wood chips, coal/wood mix, corn or corn cobs with kernels on it.  The gasification processes the biomass into gases that burn in the secondary combustion chamber.  Almost any biomass product can be burned as long it is not corrosive and wet.

  19. How do I size a boiler for my house?

    It is not so complicated.  Up to 2000 sq/f, you use around 95K BTU (Eko 25, BioMass 25 and Attack 35).  If you are planning to put boiler in a distant outside in colder climate, you simply upgrade boiler to model 40 (140K BTU).  For 2000 – 3500 sq/f, you should use model Eko 40, BioMass 40 or Attack 45.  For 3500 – 6500 sq/f, you should use model BioMass 60 and similar sizes in the range of 200K BTU.  For house 6000 sq/f plus, use model BioMass 80 (275K BTU) and other models of similar size.  With the bigger boilers it is strongly recommended to use a 500 gallon storage tank to decrease boiler idling time.

  20. Does the Eko 40 qualify for the US government tax credit?  If so, do you supply the certificate?

    Wood gasification boilers do qualify for the tax credit and we supply certification.

  21. Do any of the boilers you sell come with an ASME certification?  Some states like Massachusetts requires this.

    Sorry, we do not have an ASME certification.  But boilers do meet EN 303-5 standards.

  22. Please tell me about battery-powered overheat protection system.

    This is standard UPS (uninterruptable power supply).  It does not need to be a big one-350 watts.  To achieve longer operation another bigger battery (deep cycle) is needed and needs to be hooked up internally to the existing one in series.  This is an inexpensive concept costing about $170 all together but works excellent.